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410 gauge shotgun shells, also known as .410 bore or just .410, are one of the smallest bore for shotgun ammunition. The 410 shotgun shells are typically used for small game hunting and shooting sports, such as skeet shooting or sporting clays. Because of their small size and relatively light recoil, they’re also sometimes used as beginner guns for younger or smaller shooters..410 shells come in a variety of loads, which refer to the amount and weight of shot contained within the shell. Some common styles of .410 shells include Birdshot: small pellets (usually around size 7-9) used for shooting birds and small game. They are typically loaded with a higher number of pellets but lower overall weight.
– Buckshot: larger pellets (usually around size 000-4) used for self-defence or larger game hunting. They have fewer pellets, .40 SSW  but each pellet is heavier and therefore more powerful.
– Slug: a single, solid projectile used for hunting larger game or for shooting at longer distances. Slugs can be very accurate but are less commonly used in .410 shells due to their smaller size and reduced power. It’s important to note that not all shotguns are capable of firing .410 shells, as the smaller size may not fit properly or may cause damage to the gun. It’s always best to check with the manufacturer or a gunsmith before attempting to use any ammunition in your firearm.

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Nobel Sport Italia – .410 Bore – 2.5″ – #8 – 1240fps (250 Rounds)

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Part Number: ANS4128CASE
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Nobel Sport Italia – 410 – #6 – 3″ – 11/16oz – 1145fps (250 Rounds)

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Description Brand: Nobel Sport Italia Model: Hunting SKU: ANS4136 UPC: 837913003558 Gauge: 410 Bore Shot Size: #6 Shot Weight: 11/16 oz

NobelSport J&G 410ga 2″ 1/3oz #7.5 1250fps 500rd Case

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Description   Manufacturer: Nobel Sport Gauge: 410 Gauge Shell Length: 2″ Shot Type: #7.5 Shot Weight: 1/3oz Case Type: Brass

Rio Game Load 3″ #7.5 Shot 11/16 oz 410 Ammunition, 25 Rounds – RCHV3675

SKU 51655104753
Model Number RCHV3675
Brand RIO
UPC 8435101622127
Price Per Round $0.07

Sterling .410 ga Slug 1/4 oz. 2 1/2″ 500 rnd/case

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Sterling has been exporting for quite some time to a total of 60 countries, including the USA, Russia, England, France,

Sterling 410 (36 GA) Ammunition Birdshot #8 2-1/2″ 3/8oz STRLG410BIRD8 Case 500 Rounds

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age. Product Detail Brand: Sterling Model Number: STRLG410BIRD8 Gauge: .410 Bore Shot Type: Birdshot Shot Size: #8 Rounds Per Box:

Troy – 410 Bore – 2-1/2″ – #7.5 – 1/2oz – 1200fps (500 rounds)

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Part Number: TRY41075-CS
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TROY 410 GAUGE 2.5″ 1/2 OZ 7.5 SHOT

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TROY 410 GAUGE 2.5″ 1/2 OZ 7.5 SHOT FOR SALE Discover the precision and consistency of TROY 410 GAUGE 2.5″